Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Blackbird in the garden

For once a photo that is not overly cropped or obviously out of focus. Mind you I did not set out to capture an image of this Blackbird - I was shooting this Common Gull on a nearby rooftop at the time. Those long drooping wings were giving me a bit of a heinei vibe... but sadly the bird was lacking a Russian colour ring! Of course, there are currently no acceptable field criteria for the identification of this form, although I see that Chris Gibbins is presenting a paper on this topic at the forthcoming International Gull Meeting. If only I could get myself to Zagreb in February...

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Poor Birding World said...

Where do you start? Hats off to people like yourself who notice these things. The individual variation in Common Gulls at Musselburgh is off-putting enough!
Nice Blackbird shot by the way.