Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hybrid Crow at Burdiehouse

Spent an hour at Burdiehouse today looking through the flocks of corvids, pigeons, finches and buntings that are currently feeding in the stubble. A great concentration of granivorous birds, and one that must be bringing in more raptors than the single Sparrowhawk I managed.

Highlight for me was this hybrid Carrion x Hooded Crow as it was by far the most 'Hooded' individual that I have seen in the area. The features that distinguish it from a pure Hoodie are the black feathers in the vent, scapulars, rump and axillaries. Certainly this bird is much closer to the Hooded Crow end of the spectrum than Carrion Crow!


Anonymous said...

Good effort. There was a similar bird hanging around the Riccarton park & ride last year. I never managed to get close to it (usualy driving!) but it was nearer hoodie than carrion.
cheers, Bruce Kerr, Loanhead.

Morg said...

I suppose this could be the same bird as it would not be too far - as the crow flies!...

Might try to get to Yellowcraigs to have a look for the Hoodie that is down there this winter.

All the best