Monday, 13 August 2012

Something about Ring-billed Gulls

There is something in the way she moves, 
attracts me like no other guller

as Harrison might have written in his classic song. Had he been writing about Ring-billed Gulls rather than lovers. And had he been Peter Harrison of Seabirds fame rather than George Harrison of Beatles fame, perhaps.

Anyway, Ring-billed Gulls do have a distinctive gait. They hold their heads high and stride forward on long legs.

Further proof that it may just have been Peter Harrison that penned Something is found in the third verse, which appears to urge all gull watchers to be optimistic yet also realistic...

Stick around, and it may show,
But I don't know, I don't know


welchs said...

Not showing much round here!!!

Morg said...

I know the feeling - I have checked so many Common Gulls over the years. To be honest, I think Seton Sands or Portobello probably are the best bets, so keep your eyes peeled...

Well done on the Roseates - that would be a Scottish tick for me never mind a patch tick... Mind you, I'm patchless again with the demise of Alnwickhill.

All the best


welchs said...

Patch tick makes it sound less than it is, the only other I had seen in the UK was at Gullane Point, and only in flight! A very kind species though with such a unique call the moment you hear it there can be no doubt.

Will keep looking for RBG indeed, clearly years of dedication are required.

Shame you have no patch now, there is a downside that they can become addictive - there must always be that one more ring to read!