Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Foot It: Wagtail, Waxwings and more Stock Doves

Only two additions over the last two days. A Pied Wagtail at long last on Monday after a couple of hours scouring both suburbia and farmland.

Today a flock of 17 Waxwings heading west over the Hermitage of Braid at dusk. They came right over my head and looked as if they might be heading into the scrub to roost but they continued on towards Morningside. The shot of them below would make a pretty difficult mystery bird pic but it does allow the flock to be counted. A real relief to jam in on these birds - in my experience January is not necessarily an easy month to see them in Edinburgh.

17 Waxwing (honest!) over Hermitage of Braid, Edinburgh this afternoon. Don't think they are ID-able in this shot... but thought I'd post the worst Waxwing shot on the internet! Like many, I have had the opportunity to take better shots this winter, such as here.

There were other quality birds in the area as well, with the Water Rail scampering hurriedly away into cover again and 4 sightings of Dippers. And just after posting my first decent picture of a Stock Dove, look what were parading around outside the Hermitage of Braid Visitor Centre today. Looking forward to Footing It again at the weekend.

Stock Doves up close and personal for the second time this Foot It. Considerably smaller than the Woodpigeon - which is presumably why they would be used for stock?...

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