Sunday, 17 February 2013

(Un)Common Crane, East Lothian

Twitched the Common Crane at Knowes Farm in East Lothian today that has been present for the last few days. Great to get such useful help from the farmer and landowner who gave advice on best route and filled us in on the latest sightings. He was spot on about the bird's location. We kept to the John Muir Way as advised and were treated to good but distant views of the bird feeding. A little later the bird flew towards us and over the river to feed in another recently ploughed field. Superb flight views, and a species that I haven't seen since visiting southern Spain in winter 1989... So, in short, a Scottish and Lothian tick!

Great to see a bird that can be easily placed in a specific category - the last couple of trips have been dominated by hybrid gulls...

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Stuart said...

Great BIFs! What a bird.