Sunday, 17 March 2013

Yellowish-legged Herring Gull

Gull highlights at Seafield today were at least a dozen Kittiwakes feeding off the outfall, a lovely rosy pink Black-headed Gull, and a yellowish-legged Herring Gull. The latter was close by as I sheltered in my car from a downpour so I took the opportunity to get a few shots.

The yellowish legs seemed considerably more vivid in real life than in some of these shots. The comparative shots show that the yellow tint is nothing like the colour of the legs of a Lesser Black-backed Gull but look really quite yellow when alongside a more typical pink-legged Herring Gull.
Whether this bird is from the yellow-legged population of Herring Gulls in the Baltic is unknown.

The flight shot shows that this bird has a complete black band on P6, but an unmarked P5.


Stuart said...

It would be very omissus of me not to praise the excellent flight shot!
(Apologies - it is my favourite gull "joke" along with calling RB Gull featherwearensis).

Morg said...

Stuart lol you have laridiculous sense of humour... Geoff