Saturday, 7 September 2013

Wire dump warblers

Warblers at Barns Ness today included this record shot of a Barred Warbler found by Jeremy W in the wire dump. Me - I could only manage a Sedge Warbler though it was very elusive and got the pulse rate quickening for a wee while... Here it is with a Stonechat


Bruce Kerr said...

Good effort with the barred warbler. We went on to check Thorntonloch but only had willow warblers & chiffchaffs.

Cheers, Bruce

Stuart said...

Nice one getting the Barred - last one I saw was at Flamborough in 1996, need it for the century!
What age was it - I can see a pale iris?

Morg said...

Thanks for the comments. Reasonably pleased with the shot despite the camera shake - it was not on show for long and I was keener to scope it than take pics... As for the iris - I must admit that I also was wondering about that. It seems that quite a few of the migrants we get have irises like this - maybe they become paler as the birds mature over the autumn? Don't think it necessarily means its 12 months older or anything.