Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Honey-Buzzards in Lothian

I don't have a recent shot of a Honey-Buzzard - so here's a Short-toed Eagle from Andalusia this July

I have been Phil B's shadow this month. Everywhere I have gone birding he has been there or vice versa. Except Sunday morning when I popped out to Seacliff to see if I could get a better view of an interesting Lesser Whitethroat or any sort of view of a heard-only Yellow-browed Warbler from a few days before. Well, I only managed a Nuthatch. Meanwhile, Phil was at Musselburgh soaking up views of a Honey-Buzzard circling over towards Newhailes. I must say I'm pretty gutted as I am yet to see one in Lothian. The last one I saw in Britain was a September bird self-found at my patch in Nercwys in North Wales and that was pretty exciting to say the least. I reckon that this is something like Lothian's 30th Honey-Buzzard and looking through the past records this one was seen on the prime date with about third of all records seen in the period 25–29 September. In terms of locations, almost all of these autumn birds have been seen along the coast from Hound Point to Skateraw. I know where I'll be next year...

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