Sunday, 12 December 2010

More shots of apricot Common Gull

I found a few more shots on the camera of this adult Common Gull with a subtle apricot-coloured wash on its body feathers.

 Notice that the colouration is also visible on the feathers of the rump and uppertail coverts.

The colouration is just visible in the flight shots as well... almost a hint of rosy?...


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welchs said...

Another interesting observation; BHG frequently show a rosy flush, my feeling is particularly in breeding but from my records from Dec onwards; Olsen mentions for BHG (p438,439) but does not seem to identify seasonal variation - however, same is mentioned there for Franklin's "underparts white with pinkish tinge, generally strongest in spring" (p516). Ross's is also "less rosy-tinged" in winter (not that I would know!), Olsen p555. No doubt other hooded gulls the same.

Coming to case in point, Common Gull, I have one record of a rosy flush individual, Seton Sands 4/3/07; I can see no reference to this in Olsen. I do not recall any apricot gulls of any sort! I guess all of these are ultimately diet-related, though it seems unlikely it is just a coincidence there is a stronger flush in *breeding season* for at least some hooded gulls - there is a correlation then with the deeper bare parts colours.

A final tangential comment, I recall a Herring Gull with yellow legs at Seton, 11/3/06, this bird also had a very bright yellow bill and I recall reading of the same correlation in a subset of Baltic Herring Gulls, also cited in Olsen as a proportion of birds occurring in Denmark (5-20% Feb/Mar, p260).