Friday, 7 January 2011

Can you see eagles?

We popped into Loch Leven, RSPB, today. A great location to let the kids get on their bikes along the new multi-user path, while we had a nice stroll with me occasionally raising my binoculars. Actually, with the current weather, the cycling could have turned into carnage, with frequent partings of company of bike and child due to black ice. In true fatherly fashion, I decided to show the upstarts how we cycled on icy paths in my day. Needless to say I was spreadeagled within seconds - I must have hit a particularly slippy bit, I explained.

As far as the family are concerned, the best thing about Loch Leven is undoubtedly the cafe - the staff are friendly and the food is hearty. But we're meant to be birdwatching, I'll whine and fail to generate interest in the tiny specks visible out on the loch...

Today the kids were forced to peer at these White-tailed Eagles out on the frozen ice of Loch Leven. These two birds (see third shot, which also includes two Carrion Crows for scale), are part of the East of Scotland reintroduction scheme for this species and since they are wearing turquoise wing tags must have been part of the 2008 release. In the shot above, four Mute Swans are also included for scale...
Well, maybe if I do get my kids interested in birding at this site, they'll turn out to have incredible ID skills, able to name any bird no matter how tiny the image appears on their retinas.

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