Tuesday, 11 January 2011

More shots of odd blackbird

A careful repositioning of the baited area drew the odd looking Eurasian Blackbird out into the open today. So, with good views now I am beginning to wonder whether I managed to age it correctly, or indeed sex it correctly. Could it be an odd stockamsel bird or a bird showing signs of both genders? No, as it happens, it is a run-of-the-mill female Eurasian Blackbird, with maybe slightly heavier spotting than normal! See this thread for a discussion of this bird (thanks Mafting). 

These two flying images show a growing outer left tail feather - is that a black feather? Are those uppertail coverts black centred?

These two perched shots are the best I have of the left hand side. Is that a black area of coverts or scapulars visible at the edge of the mantle? Or shadow?...

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