Saturday, 21 May 2011

Garden tick no. 74: Lesser Whitethroat

Maybe this is too much information, but I got this tick through the bathroom window - a Lesser Whitethroat in song first thing this morning.  

Lesser Whitethroat had been on my list of possible additions to the garden list rather than probable additions. Possible as they can be heard in song within a mile or so of the house, but not the most likely given the habitat. That said, there is a very small patch of mature scrub just behind the garden and this was obviously enough to briefly attract a passing migrant. I will listen out for it again tomorrow, but do not hold too much hope for any prolonged stay.

It is not the first one that I have heard locally this year, having watched and recorded a singing male at the Hermitage on the 8th May. Here is a very poor record shot (can you see it?) but also a sonogram of the rattle which I recorded using a Remembird that morning.

For better views shots see these photos taken on Fair Isle last October.


Anonymous said...

Good tick. One of my favourite warblers. I was lucky to catch an early one this year check out:

cheers, Bruce Kerr

Morg said...

One of my favourites as well - delighted to get it from the garden. It didn't hang around though.

Nice shot on BG, Bruce.