Monday, 23 May 2011

Second calendar year Herring Gull

This second calendar year Herring Gull caught my eye today at Alnwickhill. Not often I see one of these with such a well-patterned and stripey tail combined with such a strongly bi-coloured bill. It is progressing its wing moult (primaries 1-4 dropped), but there is only a little grey in the mantle or scapulars and the coverts look like first generation feathers.


welchs said...

Primary moult seems right on schedule by gullresearch table:

Stripey tail vaguely reminiscent of this striking bird:

Possibly caused by similar (dietary deficiency) issues as some of our stripey crows?

Morg said...

Wow, rthat Willet-winged gull is pretty odd. I think these HG tails are fairly regular but I had not considered a diet link which is an interesting idea. It certainly seemed at odds with the bill pattern?...