Sunday, 20 November 2011

Med Gull returns to Alnwickhill

One of the mega (for Liberton...) Mediterranean Gulls returned to Alnwickhill for its second day. I was passing at midday and sure enough the first bird found yesterday was back on the left-hand side of the water works. It had not been there earlier in the morning. Once again it indulged in some highly active bathing including some fairly energetic nosedives into the water. A few more record shots below.

Great stuff - easily made up for the lack of White-fronted or Bean Geese while on a family trip out to East Lothian this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I expect the rest of the family were particularly disappointed not to see a few White-fronteds. Ach, better luck next weekend!

Morg said...

Yes, they must have been gutted but funnily enough didn't mention it... maybe they haven't thought of splitting them from the Greenland W-fs that I 'wowed' them with on Islay a few years back!