Sunday, 13 November 2011

Flyover Snow Bunting

A quick trip to the coast at Scoughall failed to produce any of coasting Tundra Bean or White-fronted Geese that have been appearing along the east coast this weekend. The only clear migrant was this immature (?) female Snow Bunting that came in-off. I was pleased to nail its identity on call long before I clapped eyes on it - in fact it was higher than expected and could easily have passed over unseen. Much less distinctive than the males I saw a few weeks ago.

Other interesting birds included a male Blackcap in the Sea Buckthorn - at this time of year a continental bird over here for the winter would be most likely, rather than a drift migrant. Also a nice group of Tree Sparrows around the pools - one of my favourite species. Lots of great calls from them - shame my Remembird seems to be malfunctioning - think I'll have to send it back for them to have a look at.

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