Saturday, 4 February 2012

Woodcock in off sea at Torness

This Woodcock was one of two that I watched coming in-off the North Sea at Torness. One bird was seen at distance but this one was much more cooperative. First seen far out and low over the sea, I then watched transfixed as it made a bee-line towards me. It ended up passing within a couple of metres... These birds are likely escaping the freezing conditions setting in on the continent. Another was under the trees nearby at the waterfall though I only saw it in flight.

Only other landbird in-off was a Woodpigeon which strikes me as unusual. Not sure I have seen one coming in from so far out before...


alan tilmouth said...

Hi Geoff, this movement had started some days ago, I was surprised to have one 'in off' on 25 January in Druridge Bay.

Morg said...

Hi Alan,

Having done my formative birding in the hills of North Wales I have real affection for Woodcock, but there is something really special about seeing them coming in-off the North Sea. I think that idea of directly witnessing a moment of migration is so exciting.

Hope all is well