Saturday, 31 March 2012

Snow Bunting and Fulmar: 2 garden ticks today!

Full of the cold, I decided to spend the morning in bed and then spend the afternoon on 'light duties' in the garden. I was expecting some raptors, and sure enough Buzzard, Sparrowhawk and even Peregrine obliged (I missed the Osprey that may have passed over en route to Duddingston today). I was not expecting to extend the garden list, last added to in August with a nocturnal fly-over Whimbrel, although it would be fair to say that there is always hope.

As it happens it was double whammy today, with flyover Snow Bunting and Fulmar (species nos 76 and 77).

The former was ID'd on call only - despite searching I couldn't pick it/them up as they passed over North.

The latter passed over fairly low while I was 'resting' with my eyes fixed upwards - it took a few moments to realise that the funny Fulmar-like gull was in fact a Fulmar! The quick record shot has to rank as one of the worst Fulmar pics ever loaded onto the web I would guess. I think that my excitement has reduced the image to a blur, which is surprising given that this was possibly one of the most-likely additions to the garden list (the Crags are not too far away - I had even considered trying for those birds through the scope from the garden at some point - something that will not be required now...).

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