Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring has arrived

A Chiffchaff was singing in the back garden first thing yesterday morning. Maybe the haar was so thick it couldn't really tell where it was but it moved on pretty sharpish!

Today was beautifully sunny and I spent some time in the garden in the afternoon. It has been all work recently but even still I felt a little guilty lying down for a spot of skywatching. Hoping for an early Osprey or a white-winged gull but not really expecting to see anything of note I hadn't even bothered to fetch the camera. Of course I wish I had now as a cracking Merlin motored north at about 5:30pm. The third I've seen from the garden, this one flew North along a route that was an almost perfect repeat of the bird I saw in equally hot and clear weather on 10 April 2011 - I wonder if it was the same bird? A great sighting and really makes up for the absence of Lothian birding for me over the last few weeks.

Only other recent notable sightings were on a work trip up to the Glenshee area last weekend. Some fantastic white Ptarmigan moulting into their summer plumage along with plenty of Mountain Hares, looking similarly out of place.


dungeness1 said...

not seen a ptarmigan for years.
can you see them at glenshee in early july when i be going up there birding.
dave brown

Morg said...

I think that you'd have a good chance if you walk up to either of the tops on the West side of the road. Others have seen them by scope from the carpark, but they are so much better close-up.

I was up on the Mamores east of the Nevis range today and only saw the one briefly in seven hours - so I wouldn't recommend that site!

Good luck