Monday, 16 April 2012

Otter on Berneray

This uncropped shot was taken during one of the most exciting wildlife encounters I have ever had - an otter choosing to come ashore right alongside to eat a fish. Of course, there is always a challenge - in this case heavy rain and dark cloud. After twenty five minutes of close-up otter action I had several hundred images. Only after the otter sank back into the sea did I realise that I was soaked to the skin and frozen!


Anonymous said...

It's a lovely pic!

Might it be possible for us to use the picture in leaflets etc? Occasionally we need pictures of otters. This is non-commercial and we are a registered charity. We would of course credit yourself and inform you each time the pic was used. Look forward to hearing from you.

Andrew Ross
Secretary Berneray Development Group

Morg said...


I would be quite happy for you to use this photograph under the circumstances you describe. Berneray is a fantastic island and if this photo can in any way help to protect its sensitive habitats then you are free to use it.

I will send a bigger file size image to you shortly.