Sunday, 6 May 2012

Not quite what I hoped

The weather has conspired to ensure the weekend has been about as migrant-free as possible in Lothian, which is slightly galling after reports all week of interesting birds along the coast. A family day out included exciting close-up views of Red Grouse and Grey Partridge right next to car in Johnscleugh as well as a stunning aerial display from the territorial Lapwing. Before heading into Borders I had hoped to tick off a Ring Ouzel at Faseny to make up for last week's miss. An extraordinarily intense hail and snow shower put paid to that idea. The rest of the day was very pleasant - exploring Duns, Coldingham and St Abb's. Plenty of seabirds around but I had hoped to combine family fun with, maybe, a Wryneck, or at least a smattering of migrant chats and warblers. Not a sausage.

Yesterday, here's something that could have got the pulse going, but it was clearly a Common Buzzard with a dodgy tail from the beginning. Sadly...

Here is what I wish it had been! Black Kite photographed in the south of France last summer.

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