Monday, 29 October 2012

Lanner Falcon mobbing Crowned Hawk-eagle

There is nothing like the excitement of an aerial tussle between raptors. This spat occurred after this Crowned Hawk-Eagle lifted through airspace that appeared to belong to a pair of Lanner Falcons. The feisty falcons looked to have the upperhand but the Hawk-eagle continued to rise and then thermalled away with a Steppe Buzzard. Only moments earlier a Verreaux's Eagle had cruised over. This bumper crop was atypical of my recent trip to Malawi. Although I managed to notch up 25 species of raptors over the fortnight, most sightings were of individual birds, and for 15 of those species, a single sighting was all that I managed.


Stuart said...

Fantastic action sequence.
I thought a work trip to Conwy was exotic!

Morg said...

Cheers Stuart - it was very exciting to witness. This trip was one of the perks of teaching - though I'm firmly back in the classroom now...