Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Laughing Gull, Cape Cod

I have (temporarily, I hope) lost pretty much all of my jpegs after a back up error - I didn't back up but copied, deleted, and dropped the portable disk - doh... So, the only shots pre-October are the ones that were on cards lurking around the house... like these lovely Laughing Gulls photographed on a whale watching trip off Cape Cod in the summer. Seems a long time ago now. I have only seen one of these this side of the Atlantic and that really was a long time ago - the bird that hung around a hospital roof in (?) Newcastle in the 1980s... Anyone else see that?

This is now the 17th species of gull to feature on my blog - if I recover my disk I'll post the Heerman's Gull pics that never made it on to here...


welchs said...

Don't recall the Newcastle bird, was fortunate many years ago to see the resident Cley bird, just on the village green there, and not long after that a 1st-winter at Stewartby Lake in Beds; a fine looking species, especially the adult, would be nice to see one of any flavour in Scotland ;) Hope you can recover your images!

Stuart said...

Mmmm American BHGs. Not seen any of them despite all 3 being on the Lothian list.
Echo the above re your archive.