Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wood Warbler at Duddingston

I grew up in North Wales listening to the song of Wood Warblers through my bedroom window. After moving to Edinburgh I am pretty sure that I heard them singing in Blackford Glen and Craiglockhart Hill nearly 20 years ago and I have bumped into one or two on the East coast during migration periods. But when I came to compile my Lothian self-found list a couple of years ago I found that I could not recall the finding any particular individual Wood Warbler. So that species remained unchecked... until today.

The Wood Warbler, of course, has suffered a considerable decline in that time. It no longer sings in many woods that previously held them in Wales, and the situation is no different in Scotland. Today's bird, heard singing for an hour in Duddingston, will be passing through to some forest further North and West for it no longer breeds in Lothian.

A very beautiful species, with a real tropical look or that of a New World wood warbler, perhaps...

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Stuart said...

Great find. Not seen one in years.