Sunday, 9 February 2014

Yellow legged Herring Gull and Common Redpoll

A pair of bright yellow legs stood out at Seafield this morning. Not the mythical Yellow-legged Gull but a Yellow-legged Herring Gull - probably from the Baltic population of Herring Gulls that often show these custard yellow legs. A nice bird and the most custard-like one I have seen yet. The wing formula is not easy to interpret but P6 has a solid band and P5 just a couple of isolated spots.

Also a brownish Common Redpoll at Figgate Park today. A rarity in Lothian requiring a description but I can't get excited about this bird as it is so subtle and as they should be lumped with Lessers anyway! So why is it not a Lesser - well in my opinion its white covert bars, pale rump and slightly greyish brown tone point to Common. In life it appeared at the large end of the scale for a redpoll and seemed to have a pretty extensive primary projection. The reality is who knows... I'm sure plenty of folk would consider it on the Lesser-Mealy borderline.

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