Sunday, 21 April 2013

Adult Herring x LBBG hybrid* at Seafield again

Adult presumed hybrid Herring x LBBG. Same bird as seen 16 Feb, still present at Seafield today 21 April.

*All references to hybrid status are presumed based on phenotypic characters

Seafield again - grilling the gulls. I was hoping to get another look at yesterday's sub-adult Herring x LBBG hybrid but instead connected with the adult bird seen at the same site on 16 February. Interesting to see that this bird is still around. I managed four sightings in flight and on factory roofs. Each time it landed it was obscured. Each time it flew it was possible to track it given its mantle shade in between LBBG and Herring but given the number of gulls around at the recycling centre it was easy to lose in the throng.

Compared with yesterday's bird it has a longer grey tongue on the inner web of P10 and a band of uneven width on P5 - narrower on the inner web.
Once again, very fortunate to get any shots of it at all.

Check out those grey flight feathers...

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