Monday, 29 April 2013

White Wagtail rump shots, Scoughall, East Lothian

I nipped along the coast on Sunday morning hoping to catch some of the recent White Wagtail passage, and I was not disappointed. At least 20 birds were feeding on the uppershore. Not all were confirmed White Wags and there were a few definite black-backed Pied Wagtails in there, but this White Wagtail in particular cooperated for some definitive rump shots. The pale grey rump only has black tips on the longest feathers. If only all were this straightforward. Of course, even without seeing the rump on this this individual it is a pretty unmistakeable continental alba White rather than british yarrellii Pied. Other nice migrants on the beach were Whimbrel, Wheatear and half a dozen Willow Warblers working along the edge of the sea buckthorn.

Migrant Wheatear (left) and Whimbrel (right) on beach at Scoughall


Stuart said...

Looking at your rump shots shows how wrong the BWP plates are!

Morg said...

Had a look to see what you mean and I think that there might be a labelling error as one of those white wagtails looks much more like a pied to me. The plate of birds in flightis a little more accurate perhaps...