Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Harlequin at Balranald, North Uist

Some of the pictures on the Internet of this rarity have clearly been taken at close quarters. No such close views for me but at least I have successfully connected on two out of three trips to Balranald over the last few days. Today's views were particularly enjoyable as the bird fed for an hour or so and then went to roost on hosta island.


Stuart said...

Quality bird and great to get the chance to see it on more than one occasion + the Snowy must have been extra sweet after your Mallory exploits in the Cairngorms!

Morg said...

Stuart, the harlequin was more of a relief than anything else after missing it oN my first visit. Second time it was also distant but views were prolonged. The snowy owl was particularly pleasing after trying for the Ben Macdui bird. I'll give that another go ASAP as it is undoubtedly bird of the year for me already... Geoff