Thursday, 8 August 2013

LBB x Herring Gull hybrid, Musselburgh, 8 Aug 2013

Lesser Black-backed Gull, hybrid LBBxHerring Gull, Herring Gull (top–bottom)

I popped along to Musselburgh mid-afternoon to check the gulls. Loafing among the gulls along the river was one of the hybrid LBB x Herring Gulls that I found earlier in the week. I managed a better mantle comparison shot for this bird (Bird 2) than I managed earlier in the week. The (feral/formerly injured) Pink-footed Goose was back in the area - I haven't seen it for quite a few months.

Another mantle shade comparison but this time with a Common Gull with an apricot or rosy hue to its breast and underparts (centre). The hue is stronger in life than is captured by the camera.

Also of note was the first juvenile Common Gull that I have seen this season. It was alongside some adults that were hidden in among the Kittiwakes at the roost. One of the adult Common Gulls had the apricot (or rosy) tint to its white plumage. This seems to be very unusual - I think it is only the third individual that I have seen with this tint in the last three years (for one bird see here and here). It could, of course, be that I have seen the same individual three times. I have photographed this plumage tint before - although it seems that (like the rosy tint in other small gulls) the human retina is better at seeing it than the digital sensor in a camera.

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