Saturday, 3 August 2013

Myna dip

Crested Myna... sadly not..

Too busy before my recent brief trip to Portugal to get to grips with the range of exotic species breeding in and around Lisbon, I was unaware until too late that there is an easy Crested Myna roost just across the Tejo estuary at Barreiro. Galling, especially since I had driven past the area at the right time of day. Ah well, can only blame myself for not doing my research thoroughly enough. Anyway, on last morning of the trip I decided to combine some gull photography along the Lisbon shoreline with a check of a few shoreline parks to see whether any of the mynas has make it across the water for the morning.
Its a Common Myna
Amazingly, in the very first area that I checked, the row of palms along Rua Arameiros just East of the Praça do Comércio, I heard the distinctive voice of a singing myna. At first I assumed that the bird was captive and that I could hear it through an open window (there is plenty of birdsong to be heard this way in Lisbon), but after a careful search I found a Common Myna singing its heart out. Well, not a Crestie but a myna nevertheless, and as soon as it is upgraded to Category C in Portugal (not sure how likely this is...) I'll be popping it on my WP list!
Singing away in Lisbon

I'd seen a few species of mynas earlier in the month with Common Myna, White-vented Myna and Hill Myna regular species in Singapore and Malaysia.

Common Myna in Malaysia earlier in the month
White-vented Myna in Singapore Botanic Gardens
Hill Myna on Pulau Tioman, Malaysia - big, noisy, but shy birds

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